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I was trying to make a final decision. Shall I continue surfing the idiot box or shall I go to sleep? After nine hours of work and three additional hours of travel, to and fro home, body refused. But mind, as usual, said lets search for the last time…please…and fingers obliged, pressing buttons of the remote…

And after a while, I was there in Zee Studio...train arrives at a ice capped station…Lasse Hailstorm directed "The Cider House Rules"…The first scene caught my imagination. Mind gained weight over the tired body and when I was finished with the movie, two hours later, I was just left wondering, where's all my fatigue gone!

As a child Homer Wells (played by Todey Maguire) has seen many of his fellows saying leaving the orphanage with families adapting them.

Homer was a trained (but not certified) physician by his mentor, Dr. Wilbur Larch, who wanted affable Homer to be his successor. But unwilling Homer one day makes a conscious decision to go out of the four walls of the orphanage. While confronting with the excitement of his new life in a cider house, living as a worker in an apple firm, he falls in love with Candy (Charlize Theron).
But then there was the twist in his life that forced him to apply the knowledge of medicine science he abandoned once. Only to realize the value of the skills he have acquired and left behind...mean time there was the news of death of his mentor Dr Wilbur…Homer returns to the four walls of the orphanage…

You must be ready to be touched by many of the scenes. Especially inmates watching some of their inmates being taken away by families willing to adapt them...children trying to present attractive faces, when ever there was a family with the aim of adapting children... Homer leaving the orphanage…. And finally the last scene, when Homer returns home…

You will be left wondering, can there be anyone other than Todey Maguire to act Homer…perhaps none.
"It's your heart. You ought to take it with you"…


Soumyadip said…
Mind is a very potent force; it can battle the body for long. But at last it is the body that triumphs. If I don't get my sleep, my mind malfunctions. I have managed to sleep through my favorite movies.
che said…
Hi,thanks for visiting my blog again. :)

I always enjoy reading your entries 'tho i only found out your site. Hope you won't mind if i add you in my "fave readings?" :)

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