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The day I stepped into my first college, I was virtually crippled under the fear of being ragged by seniors. But somehow that was not as notorious as I expected. Perhaps I sneaked through, being with not so striking appearance.

Now here's a similar demon in the blogsphere, with a t in place of r…tagging…Abaniko tagged Soumyadip who in turn tagged people within his sphere.

First I thought it would not be that much of a problem. What I would have to do is to go through the posts and find some information about me listed. But when browsed through my earlier posts what all of them reflected were my confusions (something that is nothing new)…now after three days of sweating here are some lines that can be about me…

1. I love seeing the sun setting down into the darkness…

2. As a child I dreamt of being a "scientist" with heavily reamed glasses which changed to be a "physician" by the time I passed out of college, to be a "mathematician" by graduation and now a "struggling scribe" …rolling stone?

3. I wondered why my father stopped me from reading Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment when I was at the eighth standard. I managed to read it (at times with a torch light, under the blanket) five times in the next two years.

5. I always find it difficult to believe that I can type without looking at the keyboard.

6. Once tried to form a musical band with four of my friends. It turned out to be a Summer of '69.

7. I envy the music composer AR Rehman and anyone who can play flute to hearts content.

8. I used to be a diary hopper before I started blogging. Every time I felt like writing my mind down I used to buy a new diary.

9. Given a chance I would like to be born Forest Gump…

10. I am a non believer of astrology.

11. Astronomy mesmerizes me specially after I came to know that by looking at the stars in the sky at night, we can have a look at the times we call our past. (Because the light we see at the moment actually had left the stars many years before. In some cases they have to travel thousands of years to reach us)

12. I am struggling to get out of my tendency to give up at the 99th hit.

Ask any one of the seniors " Why do you rag the newcomers?" The response most of the time will perhaps be "Because we were ragged by our seniors". I am having the urge to use this opportunity to tag Che, Pritha and Jac who have not be tagged till now. I hope the response will not be discouraging…


jac said…
You were writing about the ragging in universities around the word, it is same but the name may differ. When I am fresh in college, my seniors rounded me up to rag me. Shaking all over, I went down like a sack of potatoes pretending ‘fits’ (epilepsy), white frothy saliva gushing out from my mouth and nose. When I opened my eyes after five minutes, there was no trace of my seniors; I scared the hell out of them. They were even afraid to look at me for another three days.
I thought of ignoring the tagging you made, on the reason that I am not "jack"( forget the link) but I am jac. This is what I thought I will write.
But instead, let me apologise for not able to accept your tag, the reason being shortage of time.
Last week I refused a tag from Monu for the same reason. I am not even able to read the posts in my favourite list. I hope that you will understand.
aklanta said…
Sorry Jac,

I should not have been so careless...To be frank, I did the mistake earlier too, but that time I releaised it and did the correction myself...I am correcting it...but sad that U are denying to be tagged...
jac said…
I apologised and for a reason, if only you know my job and I have to make a living.
Soumyadip said…
So I'm not the only one with the opinion that you're a 'confused scribe.' When I added that adjective to your name in my post, I was wondering whether my observation was correct.
Don't worry, I will soon be, But think about the statement "Confused Scribe", are you really so? Or is it the same with most of the people! I escaped ragging in college by jumping barbed wires and bunking classes till the whole ragging session was over.
Abaniko said…
But you're supposed to list 20 things about you. Well, quality is more important than quantity and those 12 already say a lot about you. I love sunsets too. They are a visual spectacle. They are silent symphonies in the sky.

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