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AT times you strive to, tend to be like the ones you admire. "That's obvious as you admire those with when you can identify your expectations, your hopes and dreams."

Yes, but what about the ones whom " whether you admire or not", you tend to follow and act like instinctively. Your actions, reactions match with theirs'. So much so, at times you feel the things about you were predetermined. The way you will be, the way you think...No I am not talking about those stars above us that are supposed to 'outsource' the decisions that ultimately give shape to our lives. I do not believe them.

I am talking about the permutation and combinations of those 36 million genes, reasons behind my existence which science books say are unique to me. Alas, even then they fail to make me some one different from "Deuta" (as we call father)

From my child hood I have heard relatives and people saying "He has gone to his father". That made no sense to me till I started feeling the influence of the invisible strings with which they control my brainwaves and my movements, the genes I have inherited from my father.

They push me to be indifferent to everything around me...push me to be interested in everything under the sun, but crazy about nothing...inspire me to be without any preferences, without any choices...lead me to be at dilemma every time I have to choose between this or that...inject into me everything that is my father's, one whom I love so much but hardly want to be like...


Soumyadip said…
There are qualities, which we inherit, and the ones, which we acquire through our individual efforts. The hereditary part undoubtedly plays a pivotal part and will continue to influence our destiny. It is inescapable.
jac said…
That is a nice post, chum ! Thanks for visiting me and for the comment. I will be back to read your archives

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