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"Why don't you accept that you are not happy? Why do you pretend to be happy when you are not?" she demanded.

After a pause I succumbed "Yes"...She is one of the few who pull my inside out, forces me to "think aloud".

One day when I had a scuffle with her(one year back) at office on the issue of a news-tape, it was really unimaginable that one day I would find myself struggling for words to express the emptiness I am feeling from the time I sensed she is going to be even far-off.

I can not recall when and how after that we settled down the differences and started behaving as amicable colleagues. Perhaps there was no individual bitterness in that.

Still we hardly have had communicated, except for smiles exchanged at times and at times jeering each other.

In fact I came to know that she has crept into my life only after one day she called up to say she will not be attending the same office again. Perhaps Simon Weil was not wrong when she said, "Every separation is a link"
" One day if u need us frnd and there are 100 steps b/w us u take da first step 2 get near me I will take all the 99 steps 2b there 4 U! Trust Me!"

And I found myself messaging, talking and sharing about small little things in life, ups and downs. She became one in the comfort zone in the small sphere of influence I have.

"I am little scared of going to new places. I do not know how the people there will be. You know I can't just mix up with anyone and every one."

"Since you have never stayed away from home, I think you should not give up this chance. It's really a different experience, staying at you own. The world changes completely," I suggested.

I am also scared of changes.

I did have fears when I left home four years back. Shall I be able to mix up with people there? I have had fears about my ability to communicate with the people with the command (?) of the Languages of the region I am going to be. But look how comfortable I am with you all.


"Will you miss me? Will you call me up? "
" No"
" You are so mean."
"Yes. I am "

Do not believe me...I will not promise(I am not good at keeping them). But I know I will have to struggle to adjust with the change that are made the world a better place for me...


che said…
It's good to know that once in our lifetime we get to meet someone who can make a difference in our lives and change on how we look at life in general..hopefully for the better. Cherished every single moment for as I've said, they'll only come "once in a blue moon", if we get lucky. :)
jac said…
Sagacious and stoic !!
You do write with passion and pep.

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