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Living in a world ruled by zeros and ones, just as invisible as God. You can’t touch them; you can’t even see them. But you can feel them if you wish.

These zeros and ones (Z&Os, we will say hereafter) remain awake in your alarm clock to wake you up in morning, ensure that there’s no disruption in the metro (or tube) that you travel to reach office on time (until and unless there’s something like London!). When you start your work, you are totally at the mercy of these Z&Os. But they are loyal enough to make you feel comforted. You never think about them, express your gratitude to them. In fact you do not have time enough to do that and in fact they never demand also.

All these thoughts went through my mind when I found in the newspaper that it was World Post Day today. I started wondering what these Z&Os have done to our lives. You just give your commands and just like the good old faithful doggy, these otherwise invisible sequences of zeros and ones start working. You think of any place on the surface of the earth and you are there.

I still remember the days some twelve years to fifteen years back when I used to post letters to different destinations across the world and maintain a registrar to keep track of them. Because I knew by the time I receive the reply I would have forgotten what the reply was about.

And now there’s the miracle called e-mail (thanks to the Z&Os revolution). Every day we do hundreds of mails and reply hundreds of them without much effort. Yes it’s true; I do not feel the same pleasure (on receiving an e-mail) as I used to feel after receiving a letter that brought dust of hundreds of countries, which it must have traveled through. But that’s a different dimension of the story.


Soumyadip said…
The same difference between fast food and home cooked five course meals.
jac said…
That was great comparison !!!
che said…
All I can say is a-w-e-s-o-m-e post! I'm learning new things everyday just by reading your entries. :)
shefali said…
how the new replaces the old.cant help feeling nostalgic

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