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It's long time since I have visited a fact the hustle and bustles of life have almost sucked out of me the power of continuous reading. Now I hardly read more than a page at a stretch. I have got the habit of looking for the five W's and one H in everything I read and get irritated when these are not in the first paragraph.

So, rather than reading books now I try to content myself by reading reviews and times you too can try this...for example, here's a line excerpted from Silent Extras by Arnon Grunberg

"...I had my whole life ahead of me, and there was nothing to do about it..."

I have no idea what led the writer (character!) to this point. But I think Grunberg will have nothing to object if I use my I-drive (imagination drive) to fill the dots at the beginning and the end of the sentence.

Of course he will be happy if, in this process, I can amass enough momentum to get out of the "inertia of rest" and turn to the book to know actually situation.

You can also give a similar treatment to short poems, like this one by Wendy Cope

    Faster and faster
    they vanished into darkness,
    our years together...

Crazy Idea!...


dove said…
I always go the fact everyday! but guess what, I still prefer to just open my laptop and just surf the's faster that way..I get more results than trying to do the guessing game searching for books! hehehe
aklanta said…
Yes it's true, the internet has changed our reading habits...but some how I feel I can not completly digest things I read on a computer words are less dependable than the analogue ones...perhaps due to the fact that one has to put on less effort to type them than the traditional process of writing...

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