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Once when I was trying to crack the theories of Mass Communication I came in terms with the idea of PROXIMITY .

It's your physical proximity that makes you curious about the daily affairs of your locality, state, country and the neighborhood. The diameters tend to shrink or expand depending upon the nature of the incident (or accident). You tend to be inquisitive about the affairs of far away places because they affects some one who is psychologically nearer to you (simply your relatives or friends). It's your psychological proximity in action now.


"Why do you blog?" one of my non-blogger friends queried. (The sense was "Why do you spend your time in doing that?")

" Because I have something to say and I want to express myself at times."

" But you have so many friends to lend an ear to you! Why do you need those blogwallahs whom you hardly know and who hardly know you?"

" Yes you are true. But I know I shall be practical enough to accept the fact that being my friend is in now an obligation of being ready to listen to me all the time or be interested in what I have to say."

" Then why do you expect them to do that?’

"Never, yes I want to express. But I never expect them to go through my posts as an obligation. You are in a mood to read me! You are welcome. You read it till the end or leave after the first paragraph or before, you are welcome! You like it, hate it you are welcome to tag your comments in it. No one pushes me to anything, as I do not." I took a long breath after I finished my statement.


Yes, the blogsphere is a different closure of mine, with many paradoxes!

In spite of the fact that most of us are putting in masks of anonymity, are we really anonymous (like an Internet chat room!)? I have in my mind images of the bloggers in my closure that evolves with each post, comments or a non-comment.

How is it that we tend to depend on the suggestions of a fellow blogger more than that of a neighbourhood vendor!

I have seen fellows screaming "do not do that for long" when Abaniko declared a haitus one-day. Jac got the same treatment when he was missing for a long time after telling how he landed in Africa.

Everyone got busy in pulling Soumyadip out when he found himself under a hazy shade of winter .

Have you noticed how everyone reacted when all of a sudden Rita said Goodbye! and also the celebrations of AFJ's Blog Birthday in Bloggers’ way. Rain in Tamil Nadu was not so much a matter of concern for me before I have them in my blogsphere.

I know I should not be worried when often links to Dove's blog in my blogroll goes dead, but I can’t stop worrying untill one day she reappears with a new identity. I can not stop myself from being amazed by the zeal of Greta, exploring and bringing the best of Iceland and the web through The m mouse...

Yes, stepping into the blogsphere, I have experienced a different Proximity. It's a reality we have created on a virtual domain. Shall we term it B L O G X I M I T Y...!

PS: Suddenly without any apparent reason, I found my biological server performing below par. Result, I was just loosing around without updating my blog for quite some time.
Jac stopped me on the way this morning "No updates??"...
So, credit for the above stream of thoughts goes completely to Jac.


Abaniko said…
you'd even be surprised some guys spend more time blogging than talking with family and friends.
jac said…
I want to congratulate you on that write up about facts are truths beautifully spun as a rayon yarn.
Yea, you are right about the fact that I was so touched by the knowledge that people miss me, right after posting “That’s how I landed in Africa.”
That was a new thought to me and it gave me a new vigor and a smack on my cheek saying "Hey! You are missed".
In the blog world, you don’t see people face to face, yet you come to know of each and every small thing by and by, just my reading the posts. You get sad when they are and happy, angry or just annoyed. In fact you read moods.

You are entirely true about our young friend Dove too. Suddenly her blog disappears and you wait and wait and then you start damn worried until she springs up like a rabbit out of magician's cap saying I have a new blog !!! And then you are relaxed until she disappears again.

This is what happened in your case too. Aklanta!
I get accustomed to reading certain blogs regularly, a sort of addicted to reading certain people, irrespective of who you are or what and which nationality you are, or for that matter which part of the world you are in. I wrote it to let you know that you are missed and that knowledge should be a wonderful feeling for you.

Thank you for your wonderful mind and for keeping me in your thoughts and I think I can’t expect a better present this year, than this, on this wonderful festival time.
On behalf of all your blog friends, I thank you again and again for being a true friend to us.
So don’t ‘miss’ yourself but just keep blogging.

A merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!
Soumyadip said…
Physical proximity is not a necessity when it comes to 'knowing somebody.' In our blogduniya we identify each individual through his/her writing, photos, videos (and whatever they're coming up with next). Many of us non-social types (I'm talking about me) find blogs a good place to interact with people. I don't like to gossip over the phone, I don't like to visit people, I don't like to chat but I like to blog. We all look for our spheres of comfort where we are at ease, the blogduniya provides that.

Anonymity is no hindrance; I'm not really concerned about knowing a blogwallah/blogwalli's name/sex/location (a half-truth). The ideas in their mind really excite me - I know them through their thoughts reflected in their posts.

And thanks to Jac for the incitement behind this post.
bye said…
Aklanta! hehehe
jac said…
welcome Soumya
jac said…
Merry christmas !
Mindinside said…
Merry Christmas to you
With peace and
Rita said…
Wow! That is a great post indeed. Unlike Soumyadip, I like meeting people and making friends and blogging is a way of doing that. Admittedly, I was not to keen on it at first but thanks to one of my buddies, I find it a god medium of self expression :)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
love the sense of community that we have created here. We do know one another by what we write, as Soumyadip says. And there is such a variety. Of course, you could say that now I feel connected to whoever is on my blog roll and some others too!

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