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It was during the US Presidential Elections in 2000. I remember reading media reports about George Bush Junior’s campaigns. One report became the starting point of a huge confusion in the Indian media.

With an idea of comparing GK of Bush Junior with competitor Al Gore, the report informed "Junior" have had no idea who the Prime Minister of India was then (though I am not certain about the authenticity of the report).

Same confusion resurfaced when the same Bush Junior gave a Red carpet welcome to the Indian Prime Minster Manmohan Singh when he reached Washington early this year. First time Junior did the same to any country head. India Calling!!!

I have never heard of any survey done to make an assessment of the percentage of world population that knows India or about India. If I have to do some guess work (with possible backing from my notions and worldview!), my answer will be, "Nine percent, I think!"

Now here's Tehelka reporting... CURRYING FAVOURS

Restaurants in London serving, Curry that has by now became England’s national dish, orders routed through call centres in India. "
Our fax machine can go non-stop with orders from India requesting London lunches, yet we’re so close we can drop most orders off by foot."

Just for fun, I imagined ones hands getting instructions from ones brain routed through a call centre somewhere in India.

If this continues to be the trend, I wonder, it's not long when there will hardly be any one who never has heard form any Indian. Thanks to Indian call centres.

India Calling !!!


Nice piece, Don't you think we should be proud...

We heard of Indian Doctors, Engineers, Professors, and software professionals making it big.

But now an Indian dish finds it place as a national dish of another country.
aklanta said…
Do not be so enthusiastic...wait for it's sequel, India Calling II...
Soumyadip said…
Indians do a good job of everything that has less to do with their own country. Best doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, taxi drivers. India is shining - abroad. But if India develops into a developed country, then the standard of living and also the expectations of the citizens will also rise. Then it will no longer remain the back office of the other first world nations. Cheap labour will not remain cheap. Maybe Bangladesh and Pakistan can take over. The sequel of the sequel will them be 'Subcontinent Calling.'

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