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" Can you do one thing for me?"
"What's that?"
"I have to air this programme in another fifteen minutes. Can you just receive my calls and say I am out for a while. Of course don' t say that to BOSS."

"OK. As long as I am here."
Our arrangement kept him away from the landline and intercom calls. But it was not long when his mobile started ringing.
"$#% ! @#$%^ !^&*$ %^&(*$"

"I am not interested and busy now."
"^%@ !@#$%%&%#^*$ @#$!@"
"How can I say when I will be free? Is it not sufficient to say that I am busy now? Where have you got my number? Don't you know I can sue you for making unsolicited calls at my personal number?"

" @&%$@()$#%^&@$"

He resumed work after unloading all the bitterness of the day at a single breath...

"I try to be as sober as I can. But they are just not ready to accept that one can be busier than they can think of. This was the fourth call I received since I entered office."

I n d i a C a l l i n g!!!


shyam said…
I use a very simple and polite "thank you, but I am not interested" and cut the line routine. It is surprisingly effective.
Abaniko said…
In this instance, how we sometimes wish that phones were not invented...
Rita said…
My policy is the exact same as codey :)
dwaipayan said…
i like this post. although i dint understood it totally.
aklanta said…

yes, that's the simplest and most effective way, even though there were few times when I was impelled to be a little bit more harsh than that. My friend that day lost his calm, that was the fourth shot of the day


It’s a sequel of the earlier post, INDIA CALLING in which I poured all my appreciation for the phenomenon called “Call Centre”…this was supposed to be the other side of the story…thanx

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