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JANUARY 30, 1987

I still remember the excitement.

Through out the last week of January our National Broadcaster '
Doordarshan' was running promos of Richard Attenborough's Oscar winner "Gandhi".

National premier of the movie on the 30th, on the occasion of the Martyr's Day.

Right from the morning we heard elders discussing the movie, adding spice to our excitements. Though it was not a holiday, classes were dismissed after 12 O' clock.

Parents were also back from their work. Mama took all possible steps to ensure that we finished our lunch by 1 O' clock. Something that delighted everyone, our neighbour arranged an electricity generator so that unprecedented power-cuts do not disrupt our viewing.

From 2 O' clock onwards there was a virtual stand still, all glued to the TV set for the next four and half- hours. After the movie we were hardly talking to each other. There was some kind of heaviness on the air. I was sad that '
Bapu' was no more.

OCTOBER 2, 2005

While surfing through the cable channels on, we found DD was re telecasting Gand
hi, carrying forward its tradition. This time it was on the occasion of Bapu's Birthday celebrations.

Another chance to re-visit the life of the father of the nation and I did it. No wonder it was a totally different experience, everything changes with time.

But what struck me was the transformation that I felt, 'receptive me' putting up the cloths of a 'critical me' and "Gandhi" appeared a fable to me. Perhaps whatever I have seen, experienced in these years have washed away all the guilelessness needed to accept the character and works of the apostle of
Ahimsha (non-violence).

JANUARY 30, 2006

It’s time we recall him again. The way he had led the country through the ages of
British repression to breath the air of freedom.

News reports are pouring in about various organisations, political parties observing the 58th
martyrdom of Bapu.

My skeptic mind has came up with the ugly question. "Do we really care about Bapu. If yes, why can't we see his impressions anywhere other than the stamps?"


Abaniko said…
Gandhi is one of my favorite movies. I watched it three times already and plan to watch it again some other time.
jac said…
I have seen the movie.

I think that he is not cared enough, stamps or no stamps!!!
Soumyadip said…
The Comic Project had a line at the end of his latest post, he said, "I think Gandhiji, as a person, as a concept, grows on you as you grow older." Though not in exact harmony with this post, it got me thinking.
Gandhi does make sense even now. There is no doubt about that fact. But today the general apathy that affects people also reaches the roots of philosophy (Actually, you should ask "what philosophy?"). What most people want nowadays is a disposable lifestyle (among other disposable things) where somehow Gandhian ideas don't fit in. If you pay by plastic, can you wear khadi?

PS: Plastic and khadi are only symbols. It's not literaly plastic and khadi I am talking about.

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