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The tree...

That was the tallest tree in the locality and as a child I used question myself why it was not one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Every day on returning from school taking an hour nap was a must. Lying down on bed I used to scan each and every part of the tree visible through the window. "How it would be to climb its top and look down?" That dream never became a reality.

That was a stormy summer night. I had to struggle a lot to sleep under the roaring sound of hailstones striking the ispat roofing. At the midnight a deafening sound wake us up. As if the sky had broken down on our house. "Lightening must have struck something nearby," said Papa while trying to quiet down shocked younger brother.

Next time when I opened my eyes, there was a beautiful morning waiting outside. Mighty rain had washed everything.

"Where's the tree gone?" Every one rushed to the front side hearing my scream. There, in place of my 'wonder', was a piece …

YOU AND this beautiful world!


My blog was infected by this worm when I visited Suresh's blog today...please H E L P !

Keep your blog away from this and say thanks to me for the alert.