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The tree...

That was the tallest tree in the locality and as a child I used question myself why it was not one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Every day on returning from school taking an hour nap was a must. Lying down on bed I used to scan each and every part of the tree visible through the window. "How it would be to climb its top and look down?" That dream never became a reality.

That was a stormy summer night. I had to struggle a lot to sleep under the roaring sound of hailstones striking the ispat roofing. At the midnight a deafening sound wake us up. As if the sky had broken down on our house. "Lightening must have struck something nearby," said Papa while trying to quiet down shocked younger brother.

Next time when I opened my eyes, there was a beautiful morning waiting outside. Mighty rain had washed everything.

"Where's the tree gone?" Every one rushed to the front side hearing my scream. There, in place of my 'wonder', was a piece of burnt wooden log. "Lightening must have struck it last night since it was the highest thing in the area," papa explained.

In the afternoon I saw a woodcutter chopping the remaining part of the burnt tree. Every time he axed the tree, I felt pain somewhere inside me. My evenings changed after that...

change again...

"You will miss it, as I do. The day I resigned I was really happy. But on my way back home that day I wept, thinking about the things I will miss about. I liked the work place; I was leaving people I liked so much. For a long time you will also be drooling on the floors, foot steps on the stare cases reverberating in your mind..."

Tapes, Feeds, time code, sound bytes, cut aways...I can add so many things to that list, that I will miss.

and the excuse...

Yes, I have Giuseppe di Lamedosa to stand by me with an excuse for the change...

"If you want things to stay as they are, things will have to change."


Abaniko said…
As they say, "the only thing that remains constant in this world is CHANGE." Don't worry, other bigger trees somewhere may be waiting for you.
if you dont change , change may surprise u
jac said…
It is not only trees that make you feel this way, it is people too.
I still remember an illiterate friend from India when I was employed in a huge power station in Saudi Arabia. He was a cleaner in the plant and was assigned to keep my office in shipshape.
He made me realize many things though he couldn't read or write... as I used to do that for him, how ever busy I was.

When I left KSA after one year after my assignment, I didn't miss many...I missed Zainuddin, a simple and humble illiterate soul who made my eyes wet when he embraced me the last time, who also taught me about the value of the essence of love.
Mindinside said…
Facing a problem or troubles it feels good to know that everything is temporary.

It's not always easy to welcome changes but a change might bring you a positive effect on your life.
Changes are always constant. And yes it is natural for you to miss everything you are out of the environment trying to adjust to the new one. But your past environment is missing you too.

As it is said memories are created to be preserved, gradually you will accept the changes and yes come out with flying colours making yourself ready for another emotional upheavel and ready for change in environment
Rita said…
Omigosh! You don't know how familiar that feeling is to me. All the best to you! :D
Mindinside said…
hi ....
Where are you?
you Ok?
bye said…
nothing stays the same ;;)
windowfish said…
Please check your emailaccount (of postcrossing).
You are also thinking of moving jobs?? Or have you moved already? Like Soumyadip? All the best! It's a bit weird in the beginning but it works out for the best.

Beautiful anecdote, btw.
adi said…
that was a nice piece of thought.
trees, leaves and the light breeze blowing through them.
you brought back so many memories.
thanks dost.
I know it can be tough. Don't worry! Hang in there! All things look and feel strange before they become second skin.

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