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Firefly Syndrome!

Friday March 24, 2006

Reminder alert of the cell phone dragged me out of sleep at 5:30 in the morning. The screen flashed FMC...FMC...FMC

"Friday Morning Class? Oh shit!"

(It's one of the hundreds of things; I am trying to absorb either into my daily or weekly schedule thanks to my new profile in a KPO.)

That means I will have to reach office 45 minutes earlier than a normal day, sit patiently in the conference room, either listening to the lifeless preaching of an unmotivated 'motivation expert' (something I hate from the bottom of my heart) or struggle to make sense out of a presentation by a Chartered Accountant or an MBA on some topic of their interest. I am the odd man out in such classes. But attending them is mandatory.

While concepts of management always tickle my senses, I feel awkward listening to CAs. The Topics they discuss hardly make any sense to me. So I have find out various ways of utilizing the time I feel I am wasting. When there's no other option available, I try to recreate the slides, contents and layout "had it been created by me, I would not have done this, I would not have done that...."

Oh Shit! Today it's the term of a CA again. It's going to be a double punishment!

Perhaps that's what happens when you are forced to be somewhere you do not want to be...after struggling with the terminologies Prateet was using in his presentation about "investigative audit", I found myself drooling over the things that are keeping me engrossed through out the past week...issues that I have buried many times (under the loads of official responsibilities), only to dig them out at the silent moments...

"Does anyone of you know what 'Firefly syndrome' is?" Prateet's raised voice dragged me back to the conference room. Pin-drop-silence prevailing in the room indicated no one knew it. I scanned my biological data bank for answer. But the response came" No reference found"

"If any one of you has got the chance to play with the fireflies, you must have ignored this interesting piece of information. If you keep fireflies enclosed for some time, say in a glass container, you will find them making all kind of movements to get out of it. But what is interesting is that even if after sometime, you set the container open, you will find the fireflies making the same movements, sticking to the earlier limits of their movement. They will not cross over the limits to leave the enclosure, they will not realise the fact that they are free to move out...."

After a few words Prateet resumed his speech full of technical jargons and I took repudiated to my world with excitements added by the information about a syndrome new to me.

Though the concept was not all total new to me, it touched a chord of my heart to generate some feelings, I am struggling to figure them out to put them in black and white...till I succeed!


Mindinside said…
Oneday my glass container will slide open to let me out of this world.
Until then I feel trapped.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I think I know what Prateet is talking about. Most of us will not move out of our comfort zone even after the so-called obstacles have been removed. That probably is the Firefly Syndrome. Pity, he didn't mention who named the syndrome thus.
Interesting and now I feel like I am one of the fireflies, still waiting to be freed. God only knows when will I be able to
Rita said…
Well, I can't comment on this right now as my box is closed. Let's see how I react when the box opens :)
BTW, good to have you back after the looooooong break :D
jac said…
Its not true. LOL

It is simply not true. Try it yourself.

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