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What happens when one almost always on walk goes on a ride?

From the spread of headlights I guessed it was a strait long drive ahead. But it was not long when I realized mistake I have done and there I was, at a dead end.

"There's no time and use of pulling the breaks," I told myself. At the blink of an eye I was on my free fall, a 6000 feet downward journey.

I decided to utilize the remaining moments and tried to get a feel of the good old saying, "A rolling moss!"

Pull of the mother earth and the feel of air striking on my face took me back to the college Physics class, drawings on the black board and the day when Professor Sharma was trying to make us understand the concept of terminal velocity .

"The terminal velocity of an object falling towards the ground, in non-vacuum, is the speed at which the gravitational force pulling it downwards is equal and opposite to the atmospheric drag (also called air resistance) pushing it upwards. At this speed, the object ceases to accelerate downwards and falls at constant speed..."

By now I must have traveled some two thousand feet. Probably I have balanced the air resistance and attained that constant speed. Now it's time to wait for the moment I touch the ground. It’s time to be ready to see myself splitting apart into pieces.

But why am I not terrified?
Why I am not crippled with fear?


dwaipayan said…
did u try bungee jumping or what????
jac said…
Thank God, you are here.
Rita said…
Good to have you back in blogosphere after your long hiatus! However, I did not expect to see a post like this one as your come back post!
Stay well :)

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