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part I

"Have you heard the songs of Fanaa? Chand Shifaris and Mere Haath Main are lovely. Get them, you will love them too," Deepu suggested, back in April.

After a little search I found them.Yes they are marvelous. As it usually happens, I missed no chance of listening to them. "This is going to be another film I am going to avoid," I told myself.

part II

One of my colleagues found it difficult to consume my logic. "What the heck yaar! It's the height of absurdity."

Yes, it might appear absurd. But it happened many times. I stopped myself from seeing a movie because I loved its songs in the first place. ?:))

Irrespective of the picturisition or role in the storyline of a film, a song has got its own existence, appeal. You hear a song and it clicks you somewhere in your heart. You do not know why. You record it in your memory; integrate with your i-Drive (Imagination Drive!) and drool over it. You will be getting different tastes, matching your mood, situation you are in etc etc.

Once you watch the movie, the same song gets caught in the storyline. Your i-drive denies lending its wings, charm of the songs is gone.

part III

But the almighty has had different scheme for me this time. On the first day of the week, the office Recreation Club chair declared, "We are going to watch the first day second show of Fanaa."
I have already bunked many RC activities, it will not be good if I repeat that this time in spite of my reservations, I reached 3Cs to watch 'Fanaa' with colleagues.

After spending the two and half hours, I wished I was not there.
The best three things about the movie were the songs, the way Kajol carried her through the movie (not in a big way of course!), and Master Ali Haji. Rest you can summerise the moral of the story in the form of a pair of Q&A.

"What happens when a Kashmiri freedom fighter falls in love with a simple Kashmiri girl?"

"He looses his focus and gets killed in the hands of his lover (who also loves him like anything)."
Why can't we stop referring to the same ol' formula book to make movies?

You'll say love is at the root of everything on the earth and that you can not avoid it. Why can't we go beyond these cliche conflicts in love situations? Why can not we make films on simple expressions of love that you come across every day in your life? Do not say they'll not sale...

Yes, I accept it's easy said than done...but that's why you are Yash Chopra, you are Kunal Kohli, I am not...


Mindinside said…
Yeah I agree!
I doubt if they care about the opinion of the few with higher taste.
The film producers consider the amount of money a film brings so the majority of people is the matter who appereciate and pay to watch films like Fanna and so.
totaramkiaaatma said…
My boss told me once that among other things boys in Kashmir become terrorists to impress the girls they fall in love with. The latest trend I saw in Yahaan was Kashmiri women and Indian Army Officers. And probably Rushdies's Shalimar the Crown too has this angle.So Mr. Kohli had lot of reasons to try the formulae. I tried to get tickets today but bad luck.
jac said…
If the financial side is not considered, then who will produce a movie ?
Rita said…
I have to say this with reference to part 2. I avoid movies that I've read as books. They never match up to your imagination! :(

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