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The other day, Rita posted a comment on my blog, "You've been tagged. Check my blog."

The tag was to list six of my wired habits! Hey what about the scale to measure the amount of weirdness? I do not know whether the habits I am listing are wired or not...but just following my mind...

1. I like to believe people. I like to be able to have faith on people around me. I believe, except for a few who have the habit of making phony statements, people generally do not fake or trick. Back in my university days, once I was in a long queue in my bank to deposit ten thousand bucks. I was in a hurry and the bank security person offered to deposit that on my behalf. One moment and the man inside me said, "Yes". My friends said it was foolishness on my part. Even I thought so. But I was not surprised that he did not tarnish my faith.

2. I have a heart weaker than my brain. Cause, I have used my heart thousands of times more than my brain so far. And I know for sure, it pains in your heart, not in your brain.

3. I like to pamper those I love (at times to the extent of irritation).

4. I have some kind of obsession with the word Pakhi. In Assamese it is means 'the wing'.

5. I usually misplace things and irritate everyone asking, "Have you seen that?"

6. I can and usually do repeatedly listen to songs that I like numerous times and not get bored.

Carrying forward the tradition, I am tagging

I thought of tagging Jac also. But stopped as he do not like being tagged, still...


starry nights said…
Thanks for thinking of me but I have been tagged with the same thing by sophie, you can read the six weird things about me on my blog. As for misplacing things I am doing it all the time. I once actually could not find my car and went around in circles in the parking lot trying to locate it. How about that, you cannot top that.I think the others are good things, especially thinking with your heart, it shows you are sensitive.
Mindinside said…
I welcome the tagg
Thank you so much ..

You are a nice person as far as your habits say.
jac said…
Thank God and you for not tagging me.:))

Afterall, what you have written is normal things and I think that you are a better person than me considering all.
totaramkiaaatma said…
So I am tagged! I will duly list the weirdness in me.

Ur weirdness is really hatke. Will u go the daedalus or Icarus way?
shadows said…
dear mr aklanta
i guess ure not wierd...ur just alrightly wierd....its good to be wierd....actually....hmmm yeah u cant top starry nights in misplacements....and as far as trusting ppl is concerned ..even i have that desease....and those whom u cant trust shows in thr faces....pakhi means bird in bengali
Rita said… score pretty low on the weirdo-meter! :D But I'm glad you carried out the tag! :)
dwaipayan said…
if we igonre #4, you and me are like kumbh ke mele me bichre huye bhai...

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