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"It's not figures, but the trend that is important."

"Mere millions and billions mean nothing. Weigh them against one another. Compare the present with the past, read gaps and find a projection for the need to predict what might be the status after five or ten years. So my son, go back to work and redo the slides. You have eight more hours...”

My biological ALU gave a stark reaction to the instructions. I have to deconstruct the rigor of past seven days and reconstruct in one day!

In the next eight hours, I would be struggling to crack the millions and billions, extracting growth rates and compounded growth was a race with the second's hand of the seemed all of the hands of the clock were competing among them, running at a rate higher than sixty seconds per minute...

As I was crack my head to find the trends to project everything to the year 2010, some of my wicked brain cells infused one of the most meaningless and cliched questions, "Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?"

After seeing this question invariably featuring in the each and every celebrity interview you must have felt by heart that minus this question interviews just can not be complete. In many occasions I too have tried to convince myself the inexorableness of the question. But even after producing the craziest logic, I can ever think out, I have failed to convince myself.

In spite of all that what if I decide to calculate my personal growth? What all should be the comparables?

Only four months back it was all news tapes, time codes, in points-out points, sound bytes-cutaways that dominated my days. There's no trace of them now. Growth rates, FDI cap, pie charts, bar diagrams and power point presentations have replaced them.

What if I can't find any comparable (and consequently no trend)? Will that mean I have not grown? What if my CTC is the only comparable? If you find a positive trend in my CTC does that mean I have grown? Does that also imply I will continue to grow?

Do these statistics, figures and trends deserve the importance that we give?


adi said…
they do deserve an importance, but not more than life itself...
starry nights said…
There are more important things in life than mere numbers.
Mindinside said…
How very amazing that there's no end to numbers,
as there's no limit to universe.

I've never been good with numbers.
Numbers confuse me and I confuse the numbers in return :)
jac said…
Yes, you sure continue to grow.

Your growth is invariably proportional to the number of steps you take on any direction, including backwords.

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