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After fretting for a long time about the sameness of the days it was time to have a taste of the other side of the coin.

At the end of a week long race against time and spaces, I am physically exhausted but mentally prepared to live n number of weeks like this. There were hundreds of occasions that made me aware of my limits. But there also were multiple of hundreds of factors that inspired me to strive to defy these limits.

The three hour journey from Mumbai to Silvassa was a picturesque ride among the lush green hills, charged by the touch of monsoon. Watching them with wide open eyes, I struggled for words to appreciate the beauty. But somehow I failed to enjoy the sight. Open eyes does not necessarily mean sight. To enjoy beauty you need to have imaginative eyes, need to integrate the inputs from eyes with the imaginations of the mind. But the later was busy in searching ways to manage the loss that Mumbai rains have caused, messing up all our plans.

Trapped for hours on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, I realised no matter how well planned you are, when it comes to nature's furry nothing can stop you from going haywire. "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".

The amusing weather of Bangalore made me wish our days were elastic, expandable according to our wishes. But the moments passed by like anything to become pleasant memories, reviving the self-conviction once I have lost in wilderness.

While traveling through the length and breadth of Chennai, from Chengalpattu to Chennai port, I tried to click glimpses of the city through my mind's eyes. But my subconscious was again busy planning and rearranging the next two days' schedules for Delhi. I know hurdles need not to be big to mess-up all my planning. Even then I have to plan.

We are spending our moments preparing for a 'better future' that one day eventually will be loaded into our past. The transitions are so silent that we do not even realize when we invested them in planning and preparations for another 'better future', without enjoying the results of the past planning and preparations. An irony!


jac said…
Don't prepare...take it as comes.

Nice that Murphy's law.
totaramkiaaatma said…
Hi!!! Gr8! Do post some snaps here.

Murphy Law is old try Allison's theory.
Rita said…
Oh yeah! Murphy's Law, tell me about it! :P
But hey, when did you come to Chennai?
starry nights said…
I just take one day at a time.
Saurabh said…
Great writing! The mind does not like to rest. It always needs a target.

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