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B for Boss

"In the morning I had to drive with him to the tax office. Through out the way he lectured me on value addition, increasing knowledge bla bla was such a torture..."

“You have had to listen to him only for an hour. I have to sit just next to him and listen to all these crap all through the day...”

"Hey I have heard he was to be transferred to another position. But till now there's no symptom of that happening. If he remains in the department for a little more, is sure I am going to switch over...I just can't bear him any more."

Sitting among the three I decided my next post will be something about the species called 'Boss' and the unique relationship between the bosses and their subordinates (we will be calling subs hereafter), well presented by the joke
The assistant makes a mistake. Irritated, boss open fires at
Boss: Kabhi Gadha Dakhe ho? (Have you ever seen an ass?)
(With lowered eyes) No Sir.
Boss: Niche kya dekh rahe ho? Idha…


Blankets of fog on both sides of the road showed winter is making inroads into Delhi. For the next few months, the city will be a pleasant stay.

Lazy traffic movement on the road added to the deserted morning cityscape. As if being forced to leave the pleasant winter morning sleep, disgusted, the vehicles were moving on snooze.

All these including the smooth movement of the vehicle, the road side trees running backwards produced a mirror with a hazy reflection of me in it...with time passing by it became clearer, to the extent where I can see the tiles of different colours that I am made up of...some of them with throbbing colours, some of them fadedwith layers of dust gathered over time...I found myself following the instinct, got busy dusting the tiles...

Perhaps I was too consumed in restoring the fading colors and realised it only when the vehicle came to an abrupt halt, tossing me out of my place..."Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak …