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"Just imagine smashing the window panes of the car one by one...How nice it will feel to hear the sound of the glasses crashing and getting scattered here and there! You'll say she's gone mad...but that's a temptation I have been nourishing from my childhood." I saw her eyes flashing with imagination while speaking out. "I know that's something I'll never do. But I can't stop myself from being delighted, imagining following the temptation," she smiled.

Yes, this or that, perhaps we all are nourishing some of the wild temptations. Just like the wooden fences that tempt me. Every time I find myself surrounded by wooden fences, no matter what ever the height, I get the urge to jump over it, rather than getting out thorough the designated gate.

The cricket ground was surrounded by houses with wooden fencing. Every time some out went for a full flanged over boundary, the ball used to land inside one of those boundaries. Hundreds of time, I resiste…