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He tossed the coin in air, waited till it comes back to his hands, checked the result and tossed it again...I saw him repeating the same for several times.

"What's that for?"

"I'm in a dilemma."

"So, you are trying to solve it by tossing!"

He nodded positively in reply.

"But how many times do you toss to arrive at a decision? Don't you think it's foolish to let a metal coin decide things for you?"

"Yes, even I also feel that way. That's why I'll be tossing till I get the decision right, the decision that is mine, till the toss takes me to that. At times first toss takes me there. Today it's taking time. I have tossed some thirty times till now," there was an oblique smile in his face. He resumed tossing...


Celestine Wee said…
so he has decided!
Mindinside said…
and what happens to him after he has taken the right decision!

I for example usualy go the opposite direction of any right desicion the moment i decide on that so I have long given up deciding.
Shruti said…
Hmm, well i think first think that come in the mind is the right decision..
Take care..
Velu Nair said…
:) I guess I can identify with that feeling.. :D

How hve u been, pal?
adi said…
now thats wat i call brilliance :)
Abaniko said…
Life is a series of decisions and funny how some people allow a coin to shape their lives. :)
Devyani said…
Who is he?
What's the decision?
Can everything be tossed?

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