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there's an ugre to repeat those words of Faraj Bou al-Isha

do not leave yet.
Let me rearrange the world
for you.

feeling like holding the breath,
grabbing the moments passing by...

but how can we deny the excitement of digging into the uncertainities
the fourth dimension will bring

while on the walk...

So let's enter the future...



Once when I was trying to crack the theories of Mass Communication I came in terms with the idea of PROXIMITY .

It's your physical proximity that makes you curious about the daily affairs of your locality, state, country and the neighborhood. The diameters tend to shrink or expand depending upon the nature of the incident (or accident). You tend to be inquisitive about the affairs of far away places because they affects some one who is psychologically nearer to you (simply your relatives or friends). It's your psychological proximity in action now.

"Why do you blog?" one of my non-blogger friends queried. (The sense was "Why do you spend your time in doing that?")
" Because I have something to say and I want to express myself at times."
" But you have so many friends to lend an ear to you! Why do you need those blogwallahs whom you hardly know and who hardly know you?"

" Yes you are true. But I know I shall be practical eno…


Life was
Just hit and run.

Standing at the twilight zone,
all of a sudden
I became conscious
of the time,

flying out of my hands

60 secs/min
60 mins/hr
24 hrs/day...

tick tick tick tick tick
in step with the hands of the clock...

12 months/year



"Don't you think you are a bit more enthusiastic about sunset? That shows you are a sadist," my friend yelled after looking at one of the snaps I took recently.

"Yes, perhaps you are true."
"There's nothing like perhaps in it."

Sun sets every day in Delhi . It also sets in Guwahati. It sets everywhere, everyday (except for those elongated days in Antarctica ) But following the setting sun on lanes and streets of Delhi, I realised not all sunsets are alluring.

"How can you expect the sun setting behind the concrete jungle of a metro make you feel the same as the one setting in the bosom of Brahmaputra ?"

Yes, I have it fresh in my memory, first time I crossed the Brahmaputra on a ferry. My senses were not ready to accept that the mighty river will not gobble the ferry when it reaches mid waters.

In spite of repeated assurance from my father that there will be no problem, my eyes were glued to the whirlpools appearing and disappearing around the…



" Can you do one thing for me?" "What's that?" "I have to air this programme in another fifteen minutes. Can you just receive my calls and say I am out for a while. Of course don' t say that to BOSS."
"OK. As long as I am here." Our arrangement kept him away from the landline and intercom calls. But it was not long when his mobile started ringing. "Hello" "$#% ! @#$%^ !^&*$ %^&(*$"
"I am not interested and busy now." "^%@ !@#$%%&%#^*$ @#$!@" "How can I say when I will be free? Is it not sufficient to say that I am busy now? Where have you got my number? Don't you know I can sue you for making unsolicited calls at my personal number?"
" @&%$@()$#%^&@$"
He resumed work after unloading all the bitterness of the day at a single breath...

"I try to be as sober as I can. But they are just not ready to accept that one can be busier than they c…


It was during the US Presidential Elections in 2000. I remember reading media reports about George Bush Junior’s campaigns. One report became the starting point of a huge confusion in the Indian media.

With an idea of comparing GK of Bush Junior with competitor Al Gore, the report informed "Junior" have had no idea who the Prime Minister of India was then (though I am not certain about the authenticity of the report).

Same confusion resurfaced when the same Bush Junior gave a Red carpet welcome to the Indian Prime Minster Manmohan Singh when he reached Washington early this year. First time Junior did the same to any country head. India Calling!!!

I have never heard of any survey done to make an assessment of the percentage of world population that knows India or about India. If I have to do some guess work (with possible backing from my notions and worldview!), my answer will be, "Nine percent, I think!"

Now here's Tehelka reporting... CURRYING FAVOURS



So here's another incident, I was a part of, on my way to office. As usual I was trying to find some meaning out of the headlines of The Indian Express.

Once when I raised my head I found one of my fellow passengers, an elderly gentleman standing by my side. "He needs the seat more than you," the man in me suggested and I followed it even though not so willingly.

He occupied the seat with thanks and also my newspaper.

After a while another fellow passenger sitting on the left row came out to be an acquaintance of our gentleman (let's say Mr X for our convenience). So, I have had to do a little favour of shifting a little back from my position, to facilitate their discussions. Eye-to-eye contact is an important part of any inter-personnel communication.

Incidentally we were at Mr X's destination, before mine. So he returned my newspaper with one more thanks. "Now perhaps I will be able to finish my paper, there's fifteen more minutes to go."

But, as if to…